Liquishield 100™


Water based roll-on moisture mitigation system

The first truly disruptive innovation in moisture mitigation over 40 years.

  • 100% RH Supression
  • pH protection up to 14
  • One-part over slab concrete vapor retarder
  • VOC Free / Water Based
  • Delivers Superior moisture control
Liquishield 100 product image

Deep penetration into substrate and micro-film forming

Deep penetration into substrate
  • Easy roll-on application
  • Two coat process
  • Quick dry formulation
  • Ready to install finished flooring in 60 minutes or less
  • Spread Rate: 200-250 sqft per gallon (cross rolled)


School schedules, health codes, and a myriad of flooring types all make floor prep and moisture mitigation a real challenge in this growing market. LiquiShield100 is a one-part, water-based moisture mitigation product that cleans with soap and water – and blocks moisture in accordance with ASTM 3010. Faster, cleaner – just plain better!

A product for that fast turnaround that is necessary for the holiday or summer break work that ensures you will return that school to the students and faculty, safe, on time, and in spec every time.



Installing flooring in a bustling office just got a lot easier! Zero VOC, water-based, one-part LiquiShield100 protects against 100%RH and 14pH under any choice of flooring or cementitious underlayment – all in one bucket – and it is reusable and easy to clean and dispose of.


Health Care

Floor failures and other associated results from elevated moisture in your subfloors pose the greatest challenges for the health care industry. Lose of bed space and revenue due to these issues create a mission-critical situation to utilize the correct product for your installation. You are not introducing a two component product that can emit toxic fumes or shut your facility down by utilizing LiquiShield. This product has Zero VOC, requires minimum floor prep and encompasses multiple steps into one product. With ultra-fast turnaround (1 hour or less) and capabilities for all types of flooring to be directly applied ensures a fast seamless flooring installation every time.

Health Care


Moving loaded shelves, overnight shifts… you know the drill! Why add the burden of two-part epoxy moisture mitigation when there is a one-part water-based alternative? LiquiShield100 can be drop-shipped directly to the job site, no mixing, no special training, and flooring can be installed within an hour of application. FAST, PROVEN results that will streamline those schedules.