ORCON® Cutting


ORX-6701-B - Bulk (12 loose in box)
  • Now with non-slip grip.
  • Patented D-Ring for easy blade change.
  • Angled design offers better control.

Dual Blade ACTION KNIFE® with Retractable Blades

ORX-6712 - Bulk (12 LOOSE IN BOX)
  • Cut different materials quickly with hook or utility blades.
  • Two retractable blades make cutting more efficient.
  • Ergonomic handle stores additional blades.


Polished in Bulk (12 loose in box).

Utility Knife Plus

Bulk (12 loose in box)
  • Now with non-slip grip.
  • Patented D-Ring for easy blade change.

Utility Knife

Bulk (12 loose in box)
  • Patented D-Ring for easy blade change.
  • The craftsman installer’s choice.

BIG BLUE Utility Knife w/Night Vision

Bulk (12 loose in box)
  • 10-blade easy-load storage.
  • LED Night Vision for true cuts anywhere/anytime.
  • Auto-feed/Quick-release feature saves time.
  • Non-slip comfort grip.

MAGNUM Row-Glide Top Cutter

1-yr Warranty
  • Patented design for self-guided top cutting and trace cutting.
  • 30-degree blade angle provides clean cuts the first time.
  • No screw needed!.

Lino Knife

  • For linoleum, vinyl, carpet, and sheet goods.
  • High carbon blade does not create burrs.
  • Durable point.
  • Ergo grip.

Wall Trimmer

  • New non-slip grip handle and improved performance.
  • Cuts in either direction.
  • Plastic-protected wall guide.

Hammer Hatchet

  • Hatchet blade on one side, hammer head on the other.
  • Perfect for cutting all types of wood tack-strip.
  • Rounded blade edge for tucking ability!.
  • 32-ounce head on hickory handle.

Carpet Repair Kit - Professional

◆ ORX-6680 Carpet Repair Kit
◆ ORX-6683 Replacement Insta-Hold Discs
◆ ORX-6682 Replacement Blades
  • Quick, neat and simple tool for professional carpet repairs.
  • Utilizes remnants or carpet from hidden areas, such as closets.
  • Perfect for burns, stains, rips, tears and other small damage.
  • Includes 6 lnsta-Hold pressure sensitive patches.

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