Seam Sealing Products

Seal carpet edges before making hot-melt seaming tape! Or better yet, ‘weld’ your seams when you seal with thermospastic glue stick!

  • FUSION™ Carpet Welding Tip
  • TRAXX Glue Gun
  • UV Seam Inspection Lamp
  • FAST-Fusion™ Carpet Edge Sealer
  • STIXX™ Engineered Carpet Glue Sticks

100-Watt Glue Gun

Our 100-watt Glue Gun is the answer for applying the unique seam seamer via Stixx™ glue stick! Traxx’ Carpet Seam Welding System gives you an industry-approved method of securing cut carpet edges AND creating a ‘welded’ seam that prevents hinging and peaking!

Engineered Glue Sticks

All cut carpet edges must be sealed prior to creating the carpet seams. STIXX™ S-106 glue sticks are excellent for this purpose because this method dries within seconds vs. liquid sealers. STIXX™ carpet glue sticks are also engineered to create a welded seam during the seaming process. Cut carpet edges that have been sealed with STIXX™S-106 glue sticks use the heat on the top portion of the hot-melt iron to reactivate the sealed edges and weld the two cut edges back together. Seam peaking is caused by the seam’s ability to hinge. When carpet edges are butt-welded back together with STIXX™ glue stick, hinging is eliminated. STIXX™ glue sticks contain a UV tracer visible under black light to ensure CRI-104 & CRI-105 compliance.


Seals carpet edges prior to creating carpet seams. Stops carpet face fibers from fraying and raveling.

Fusion™ Carpet Welding Tip/Nozzle

TRAXX patented FUSION™ carpet welding tip nozzle is Engineered to seal and weld carpet edges to minimize seam peaking. The end result is not just edge or seam sealing but a true ‘weld’ re-activated from the iron’s heat when the seam is performed!

Fusion™ Seam Weight

The FUSION™ Carpet Seam Weight has been ENGINEERED to make perfect seams every time. It was designed by installers to perform better than any other seam weight or tool box!

UV Seam Inspection Lamp

DON’T JUST SEAL IT—SEE IT! An essential component of the TRAXX Carpet Edge Welding System!

Seamer Down Now™

TRAXX also represents other quality flooring installation tool companies, such as the new Seamer Down Now.™ Please consult your TRAXX Sales Representative for more information.

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