MAXXIMUS™ Engineered Carpet Gripper

Tack strip has more plywood, more pins, more pre-nails per carton than any other brand. We use only premium plywood made to our specifications. We do not “buy” plywood; we have it “made”. We use only high strength carbon steel nails from non-Chinese manufacturers. Our products are designed from the floor up and so is our equipment. Our manufacturing machines are designed and built in-house — in our own machine shop. They are truly “one of a kind.”

Choose the right product for the job.

Think about the job first: is the job residential or commercial? Light, medium or heavy duty? Type of floor: wood, concrete, specialty? What is the carpet pile height? What is the face yarn weight? Now that the job is identified, choose the right product for the job. Four different widths of carpet gripper each balanced with the appropriate number of pins and pre-nails. Every product is available in three different pin lengths (short, medium, long) for all variations in carpet pile height. So, whether you call it strip, tack strip or even tackless strip, our engineered carpet gripper is the only brand of carpet gripper that makes all these variations available.

MAXXIMUS™ offers you 13 distinct varieties:

  • Regular Width 7/8” (no pre-nail)
  • Regular Width 7/8” (for wood floors)
  • Regular Width 7/8” (for concrete floors)
  • Extra Wide 1” (no pre-nail)
  • Extra Wide 1” (for wood floors)
  • Extra Wide 1” (for concrete floors)
  • Extra Wide 1” X 1”
  • Tri-Tack 1-1/4” (no pre-nail)
  • Tri-Tack 1-1/4” (for wood floors)
  • Tri-Tack 1-1/4” (for concrete floors)
  • Commercial Width 1-3/4” (no pre-nail)
  • Commercial Width 1-3/4” (for wood floors)
  • Commercial Width 1-3/4” (for concrete floors)

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