Matrixx™ Underlayment

Engineered Underlayment for Vinyl & Ceramic Tile Floors

Our 100% Premium Hardwood panel is made to our specifications and trimmed, printed and tested in our factory. We select the wood quality and the glue and tell the supplier how to make it. Rugged solid core construction prevents indentations caused by high heels, chair legs and appliances. All edges are trimmed perfectly square for a “tile-tite” fit. Every square inch undergoes ultrasonic testing for core voids and internal delamination which might cause bubbles in the finished vinyl floor. Face panels have knots removed and replaced with solid wood plugs, no chemical patches and used. Will not stain vinyl floors. We do not ship potential problems just because you cannot see them.

Exterior Grade Glue Virtually Waterproof.

Will not fail due to water exposure in areas such as kitchens, bathrooms, and laundries. Resists swelling and no delamination with extended water exposure. Passes the APA 2-hour boil test.

State-of-the-Art Manufacturing and Precision Engineering.

Corner to corner tolerance is less than 1/32″. Cut tile tite – perfect fit every time with seams that are virtually seamless. One truckload covers a football field and it would be as tight as a tile floor.

  • Meets all vinyl manufacturers’ requirements
  • Meets all Tile Council of America’s requirements
  • Meets all North American Standards
  • Lifetime Warranty – if underlayment fails, we will replace it
  • 100% Premium Hardwood
  • 5 Ply and 7 Ply
  • 6mm and 9mm
  • Exterior Grade Glue
  • Meets or Exceeds Vinyl Manufacturer’s Recommendations

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