Electric Stapler 5418


The TRAXX 5418 Electric Stapler combines industrial power with light weight and a narrow profile to achieve optimum performance in stair upholstery.

  • Powerful Industrial Strength
  • Quick-Clear Nose
  • Maneuvers in Tight Corners
  • Packaged in a Durable Carrying Case!

Engineered with a fiberglass-impregnated composite housing, the TRAXX 5418 brings you tremendous impact resistance. And, its bumper design dissipates recoil when driving staples for total user comfort.

As the age of big, bulky electric staplers has passed, the TRAXX 5418 leads the carpet and flooring industry into the future.

  • 10 AMPS
  • 110–120 VAC
  • Driving Speed: 3/second
  • Weight: 2.75-lb.
  • Cord Length: 11.5-ft.

Part No. TTX-PP5418

  • TXF-5418D

    9/16" L x 3/16" Crown

  • Features




  • High Strength Steel

    De acero duradero

    Drives into hardwood stairs with ease

    Se encaja con facilidad a las escaleras de madera dura.

  • Tan-Colored Crown

    De corona bronceada

    Hides the staple crown in neutral-colored carpet, especially short-nap carpet

    La corona se esconde debajo alfombras neutrales, especialmente las de mechón corto.

  • Sharp Divergent Point

    De punta aguda divergente

    Staple legs diverge providing excellent holding power

    Las puntas divergentes proveen una fijación excelente.

  • Galvanized


    Long-lasting protection against rust in high moisture areas and after carfpet cleaning

    Resiste la oxidación por la humedad.

  • Compatible size

    Tamaño compatible

    Fits all carpet tackers, including Duo-Fast®

    Compatible con todas las grapadoras de alfombra, incluyendo la Duo-Fast®.

Look for TRAXX Carpet & Flooring staples in the blue box. Soon becoming the #1 professional grade brand!

Download TRAXX Staples Data Sheet [PDF]

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