PadPro™ Hammer Tackers

The Professional’s Choice in Heavy-Duty Hammer Tackers for Carpet Pad — DRIVE ALL TRAXX PAD STAPLES!

  • TXF-7512D

    3/8" L x 15/32" Crown

  • TXF-5010D

    5/16" L x 1/2" Crown

  • TXF-A11-10D

    3/8" L x 13/32" Crown

  • TXF-A11-10D-7

    3/8" L x 13/32" Crown | 7" Strip Length

  • Features




  • High Strength Steel

    De acero duradero

    Drives into hard subfloors, including OSB

    Se encaja hasta el subsuelo, incluyendo los de tablas de hebras orientadas

  • Sharp Divergent Point

    De punta aguda divergente

    Staple legs diverge into subflooring providing superior attachment of pad

    Las puntas divergentes se encajan hasta el subsuelo proporcionando una fijación superior al cojín.

  • Galvanized


    Long-lasting protection against rust in high moisture areas and after carpet cleaning

    Resiste a la oxidación por humedad

  • Compatible size

    Tamaño compatible

    Fits Duo-Fast® HT-755 and HT-550 hammer tackers, Roberts® 10-110-3 and most slap-hhamers

    Compatible con los grapa-martillos HT-755 y HT-550 de Duo-Fast®, el 10-110-3 de Roberts® y varios de otras marcas

You can download a PadPro™ data sheet from our ‘ Literature ’ section.

Download TRAXX PadPro™ [PDF]
Look for TRAXX Carpet & Flooring staples in the blue box. Soon becoming the #1 professional grade brand!

Download TRAXX Staples Data Sheet [PDF]

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