Clear Glue Sticks
with UV Tracer

◆ ORT-8825

12 bags of a sticks each
96 sticks per box

  • New lower-melting point adhesive for better ORCON® PEAK-BUSTER™ seam welding action!.
  • Adhesive goes on clear and dries clear, yet contains a UV tracer for proof-positive compliance of CRl’s Edge Securing Standards!.
  • 10"x7/16" stick (25 cm x 1.1 cm).


◆ ORX-6230

  • This seam inspection light detects invisible UV tracer from PEAK-BUSTER™ glue sticks, as well as the use of ORCON® FAST LOCK® and WELD LOCK for proof-positive compliance of CRl’s Edge Securing Standards.
  • Now includes flashlight tip!.

100-watt Electric Glue Gun

◆ ORX-6100

  • Comes with ORCON® PEAK-BUSTER™ nozzle, as well as standard extension nozzle.
  • Features lighted ‘On/Off’ switch.

No more waiting on liquid seam sealer!

The ORCON® patented nozzle offers a quick and easy application of clear thermoplastic glue stick carpet edge sealer that cools in seconds! No more waiting on latex sealer that takes too long to cure and can leave a mess. Now a part of the Carpet and Rug lnstitute’s 105 (Residential) Carpet Edge Securing Standards. Endorsed by the CFI Association.


◆ ORX-6210
12 nozzles per ‘Clip Strip’

  • Attaches to most standard glue guns - electric & butane!.
  • Allows installer to see adhesive application to carpet’s edge.
  • Stainless steel construction.