Traxx Ramps™

All flooring is not created equal… or level. That’s a problem when installing carpet that abuts to other decorative flooring. Almost always, an uneven transition results due to the differing heights of carpet, tile, wood and stone. The appearance is that of unevenness suggesting an inferior or incomplete installation. TRAXX Engineered Flooring Ramps eliminate abrupt transitions between carpet and other decorative flooring surfaces.

TRAXX Engineered Flooring Ramps are available in two application-specific materials:

Level-Up Premium Laminated Plywood

Our top-of-the-line, Premium laminated plywood is the most durable ramp material available and can be used under all types of decorative flooring.

CarpetShims Composite Board

Composite board is economical and is perfect for ramping carpet. Composite board constructured TRAXX Engineered Flooring Ramps are Green-manufactured with 100% pre-consumer recycled waste and use moisture resistant bonding resins that are formaldehyde-free.

Installation is Easy

TRAXX Engineered Flooring Ramps are easy to install. It takes but minutes to create a perfectly smooth transition of any height and length. All TRAXX Engineered Flooring Ramp materials are available in sizes that are ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) compliant. Improve the appearance and functionality of your installations. Step-up to perfectly aligned decorative flooring with TRAXX Engineered Flooring Ramps.

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