Engineered Glue Sticks

All cut carpet edges must be sealed prior to creating the carpet seams. STIXX™ S-106 glue sticks are excellent for this purpose because this method dries within seconds vs. liquid sealers. STIXX™ carpet glue sticks are also engineered to create a welded seam during the seaming process. Cut carpet edges that have been sealed with STIXX™S-106 glue sticks use the heat on the top portion of the hot-melt iron to reactivate the sealed edges and weld the two cut edges back together. Seam peaking is caused by the seam’s ability to hinge. When carpet edges are butt-welded back together with STIXX™ glue stick, hinging is eliminated. STIXX™ glue sticks contain a UV tracer visible under black light to ensure CRI-104 & CRI-105 compliance.

Seal carpet edges to prevent fraying.

  • Weld carpet seam edges into one piece to prevent seam hinging.
  • Eight 7/16″ (11.3mm) diameter / 10″ (254mm) long sticks per bag.
  • Great for all types of carpet and general repairs.
  • An essential component of the TRAXX Carpet Edge Welding System.

Order No. S-106 — 8 sticks per bag / 25 bags per carton

Please download the STIXX™ Engineered Glue Sticks data sheet PDF from our ‘Literature’ section.

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