TX-300 Glue Applicator System

A professional glue applicator system for all your interior installation and repair needs!

TRAXX’s TX-300 is not just a glue gun. It’s a glue applicator system for almost any interior setting. For flooring installation, including tack strip installation, hardwood flooring (start & finish rows), floor transition ramps, interior wood trim, moldings, ceramic tile repair, and much more! With an adjustable high temperature range of a powerful 300 Watt heating element, it bonds virtually any material.

300-Watt Glue Applicator System!
  • Glue Down Tackstrip on Concrete.
  • Attach and Repair Hardwood Floors.
  • Set Metal, Vinyl or Rubber Moldings.
  • Set Flooring Ramps.
The following features outperform competitor versions:
  • Powerful 300-Watt heating element-designed for higher temperature and 30% greater glue dispensing output.
  • Adjustable Temperature Control – allows temperature setting from 284°F to 446°F (140°C – 230°C)
  • Stroke Adjuster – adjusts trigger output.
  • Ergonomic Handle and Trigger – reduces trigger effort and enhances grip comfort.
  • Glue Stick Gauge: .43″–.45″ (11.0mm – 11.5mm)
  • Lightweight – Compact size, non-fatigue.
  • Durable – non-breakable handle.
  • Fast Activation – tool is ready to use in under 5 minutes!
  • Drip-Free Nozzles – no mess! Includes 2 types.
  • Durable Carrying Case.

    TRAXX TX-300 better than ALL OTHERS!!! Compare:

  • Description


    Traxx TX-300

  • Power

    220 WATTS

    300- WATTS

  • Operating temperature

    285 - 428°(F)

    285 - 446°(F)

  • Discharge rate

    2.6 LBS/HR.

    3.3 LBS/HR.

  • Glue stick size



  • Drip-Free Nozzle



  • Trigger Adjustment



System includes hard storage case, two nozzles and an adjustment tool.

STIXXTite™ glue sticks sold separately.

Tool Information:

  • Product No: TTX-6300
  • Electrics: 300-Watt | 120V – 60Hz
  • Cord Length: 8-feet (2.44m)
  • Warranty: 1 Year

You can download a TX-300 Glue Applicator System data sheet from our ‘ Literature ’section.

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