Installation Tools

Our tools are an important part of the TRAXX Carpet Seam Welding System. Engineered to accurately do the job right the first time around — such as the new Fusion™ line of products — which prevents hinging and peaking of seams by way of a no-mess uniform hot-melt sealant. Our unique glue stick for this ‘welding system’ contains a UV tracer visible for years! Proof-positive compliance of CRIs 104 & 105 Edge Securing standard. Great for for both residential and commercial installations. Go to the Product Menu bar and check out the latest specifications for each tool.

Kool Glide®

Patented radio-wave technology evenly spreads signal through the surface of the carpet right down to the specially engineered seam tape — tool never touches the adhesive!

Blue Fin™ Seam Iron

The first iron designed for seaming AND welding today's softer temperature-sensitive carpets.

TX-300 Glue Applicator System

TRAXX’s TX-300 is not just a glue gun. It’s a glue applicator system for almost any interior setting. For flooring installation, including tack strip installation, hardwood flooring (start & finish rows), floor transition ramps, interior wood trim, moldings, ceramic tile repair, and much more! With an adjustable high temperature range of a powerful 300 Watt heating element, it bonds virtually any material.

Electric Stapler 5418

The TRAXX 5418 Electric Stapler combines industrial power with light weight and a narrow profile to achieve optimum performance in stair upholstery.

TRAXX Pad Pro Hammer Tackers

The Professional’s Choice in Heavy-Duty Hammer Tackers for Carpet Pad — DRIVE ALL TRAXX PAD STAPLES!

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