Rolled Moisture Barrier

A rolled moisture barrier that suppresses water vapor emission over concrete subfloors up to 100% Relative Humidity!!!
No need for expensive 2-part epoxy systems… or rolled moisture barriers that perform at lower suppression properties.

Why would you use a moisture vapor epoxy system that requires several days of bead-blasting, applying, and curing?

Time, labor, and money need to be slashed in order to compete in the flooring industry. TraxxShield100™ does this by bringing you a peel-&-stick rolled underlayment that installs in hours, not days.

Why would you use a rolled moisture barrier that only suppresses 95% RH?

A concrete slab that measures a 95% RH today might become 98% RH after spring rains. Shouldn’t you specify the best performing and most cost effective system to protect your finished floor installation, and more importantly protect your reputation?

When installing over new concrete slabs, wouldn’t you want to specify a Moisture Barrier and Crack Suppression underlayment all in one? TraxxShield100™ brings you these properties.

Do you want to specify a floated (loose-lay) installation when planning periodic floor removal? Just leave the poly/nylon release liner on TraxxShield100™ and you are good to go!

How about installing a new floor directly over an existing floor covering? Absolutely. TraxxShield100™ can be adhered or floated saving time and money for the flooring contractor.

Primer and Tapes

Before installing TraxxShield™ Rolled Moisture Barrier, you must first make sure to follow the instructions. TraxxShield™ primer and tapes are especially designed for a proper installation.

TraxxShield™ Primer

Concrete must always be primed prior to installation. TraxxShield™ Primer is made for both porous and non-porous concrete surfaces.

1-gallon (TSU-40200-P4)
5-gallon (TSU-40200-P5)

TraxxShield™ Installation Tapes

  • For added MVER protection at the seam line
  • Zero Telegraphing when installed beneath the seam

Peel-&-Stick (TSU-40200-T)
Double-Sided — for Loose-Lay Method(TSU-40200-DST)


Installation Instructions — 6:46 min
TraxxShield™ Double-Cut Installation Instructions — 8 min

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