TraxxShield100™ Primer and Tapes

Before installing TraxxShield™ Rolled Moisture Barrier, you must first make sure to follow the instructions. TraxxShield™ primer and tapes are especially designed for a proper installation.

TraxxShield™ Primer

Concrete must always be primed prior to installation. TraxxShield™ Primer is made for both porous and non-porous concrete surfaces.

1-gallon (TSU-40200-P4)
5-gallon (TSU-40200-P5)

TraxxShield™ Installation Tapes

  • For added MVER protection at the seam line
  • Zero Telegraphing when installed beneath the seam

Peel-&-Stick (TSU-40200-T)
Double-Sided — for Loose-Lay Method(TSU-40200-DST)

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