AB 300 Floor Moisture Barrier

Moisture Barrier

KOVARA® / VAPORSHIELD product now with advanced adhesive formulation

KOVARA® / VAPORSHIELD floor moisture barriers keep moisture from penetrating concrete slabs and damaging flooring.

Save time and money with quick and easy installation

Moisture mitigation with epoxies is a long, multi-step process that requires complicated surface preparation, followed by hours of waiting for different layers to cure. KOVARA® / VAPORSHIELD AB 300 floor moisture barrier saves flooring contractors and building owners time and money with a quick and easy application process. Shot blasting is not required, and a self-leveling underlayment is only needed if the concrete subfloor is not flat. Once the KOVARA® AB 300 floor moisture barrier is applied, there is no cure time. It is ready to receive adhesive and finished flooring right away.
The unique pattern of the moisture- and alkalinity-resistant adhesive was formulated and designed to secure the membrane in place while mitigating vapor pressure. A split release liner protects the adhesive until the time of placement, and is easily removed for quick peel-and-stick application. The KOVARA® / VAPORSHIELD AB 300 membrane will not shift or buckle, even under heavy foot traffic or rolling loads, so contractors and building owners get the moisture protection they need, while providing flooring for years to come.

Ready for the toughest flooring challenges everywhere

Whether renovating an existing space or constructing a new building, any downtime means lost revenue. KOVARA® / VAPORSHIELD AB 300 membrane offers swift return-to-service that’s unmatched by epoxy-based moisture mitigation solutions. With the KOVARA® / VAPORSHIELD AB 300 moisture barrier, the site can close in the evening and install moisture mitigation as well as the floor covering overnight. The fast product installation allows businesses to open the morning after renovations begin.
Using KOVARA® / VAPORSHIELD AB 300 moisture solutions means no noise or mess from shot blasting, which is a great benefit for hospitals, schools or other occupied buildings. The membrane will also not shift under the weight of hospital beds or medical equipment and can handle high-traffic areas. For new buildings running up on their occupancy dates or for critical spaces that are being renovated, the quick installation of a KOVARA® / VAPORSHIELD floor moisture barrier prevents delays and keeps building schedules on track.

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Product Name Description Key Benefits Applications Type
KOVARA® / VAPORSHIELD AB 300 Moisture Barrier Data Sheet
Vapor impermeable
KOVARA® / VAPORSHIELD AB 300 is a patent-pending, self-adhered, pre-fabricated moisture barrier designed to protect floor coverings from staining, warping and adhesive deterioration that may result from water vapor emissions and alkaline salts infiltrating through the concrete slab.
  • Installation in a fraction of the time of fluid-applied moisture barriers
  • Self-adhered to subfloor with a specialty designed adhesive to prevent movement under heavy rolling loads and foot traffic
  • Split adhesive release liner allows quick peel-and-stick application
  • Reduced labor costs and improved project capacity for contractors